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The Xaralyn fireplaces consist of a fireplace and an insert.

In most cases, our fireplaces can be combined with different inserts. You start by choosing a fireplace. Then, if possible, you still have to make a choice in material or color. And finally, you can personalize this fireplace by choosing from our electric or bio ethanol insert fireplaces.

Because our natural stone fireplaces are finished by hand, this gives a unique appearance. The result is a unique fireplace with a vintage appearance.

As a basis we use wood on which we stick a layer of natural stone (fossil stone), which is then flattened. The result is a complete natural stone fireplace with a fairly low weight. The fireplace is much easier to move because we keep the weight low in this way.

The fireplaces are delivered ready-made to your home. No flue is required for our fireplaces. You just need to find the right place in your house!

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Xaralyn Ambiance elektrisch cassette 600
Xaralyn Ambiance
From €2.599,00
    Xaralyn Cadiz bio ethanol white wit vlambeeld
    Xaralyn Cadiz
    From €1.199,00
      Xaralyn Cadiz Corner elektrisch Fossil Stone Natuursteen vlambeeld
      Xaralyn Cadiz Corner
      From €1.949,00
        Xaralyn Kos bio ethanol white wit vlambeeld met steendecor
        Xaralyn Kos
        From €1.299,00
          Xaralyn Kreta mini elektrisch white wit vlambeeld
          Xaralyn Kreta Mini
          From €1.899,00
            Xaralyn Kreta bio ethanol white wit vlambeeld
            Xaralyn Kreta
            From €2.269,00
              Xaralyn Louis bio ethanol white wit vlambeeld met steendecor
              Xaralyn Louis
              From €2.439,00
                Xaralyn Marvik bio ethanol met houtlook vlambeeld
                Xaralyn Marvik
                From €1.269,00
                  Xaralyn Milano elektrisch broken stone natuursteen vlambeeld
                  Xaralyn Milos
                  From €1.899,00
                    Xaralyn Nuoro elektrisch grey grijs vlambeeld
                    Xaralyn Nuoro
                    From €1.629,00
                      Xaralyn Nero bio ethanol black zwart vlambeeld met steendecor
                      Xaralyn Nero
                      From €1.899,00
                        Xaralyn Santos elektrisch Broken Stone natuursteen vlambeeld
                        Xaralyn Santos
                        From €2.100,00

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