With our electric fireplaces you get a simple solution to create the effect of open fire. The fireplaces can be used decoratively, and in many cases also as additional heating.

The principle of an LED electric fireplace is that light is projected onto a rotating spindle. Together with one of our glowing wood sets, this gives a lifelike fire image. In most cases, the fireplaces are equipped with different light and heat settings and include a remote control. Because these fireplaces are completely maintenance-free, their popularity has increased enormously in a short time. It can be used as additional heating or purely decorative. In decorative use, the power consumption is so low that it is negligible.

With the latest development, the flames seem to come even more from between the logs. Along with the flames, the trunks also seem to glow. These types of electric fireplaces are called 3D LED fireplaces.

Light projection on water vapor is an alternative to an LED fireplace. With a water vapor fireplace you get a nice fire image but requires a lot of maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantages of an electric fireplace:

  • + no flue needed
  • + only needs a socket
  • + no smoke, smell or particulate matter
  • + easy to use
  • + relatively cheap
  • - not suitable as main heating
  • - no real fire (illusion of flames)

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element4 80h e trisore
Element4 80H E Trisore
From €3.302,00
    Charlton & Jenrick i-1250e Deep Corner
    Charlton & Jenrick i-1250e Deep Corner
    Normal price €2.512,00
      dimplex revillusion firebox 36''
      Dimplex Revillusion Firebox 36''
      Normal price €1.204,00
        element4 club 80h 3/s elektrisch
        Element4 Club 80H 3/S elektrisch
        Normal price €3.859,00
          element4 club 100 e 3-zijdig
          Element4 Club 100 E 3-zijdig
          Normal price €3.859,00
            DRU Virtuo 75
            DRU Virtuo 75
            From €5.110,00
              DRU Virtuo 80/2
              DRU Virtuo 80/2
              From €5.110,00
                dru virtuo 80/3
                DRU Virtuo 80/3
                From €5.110,00

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