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By choosing our fireplaces, you consciously choose a better living environment. Our fireplaces are environmentally friendly and safe. Bio ethanol fireplaces even have a lifetime warranty. Because no flue or chimney is required, our fireplaces are easy to install almost anywhere.

Our unique collection of fireplaces, furniture, freestanding fireplaces, wall fireplaces, insert fireplaces, accessories for fireplaces is produced in the Netherlands. designed and largely produced in Europe.

Our fireplaces, freestanding fireplaces and wall fireplaces can be put together according to your own taste and style. You start by choosing the material and then your fireplace insert. Your order comes complete with an accessory of your choice.

By converting your no longer functioning or polluting fireplace or fireplace you can give it a second life. For an existing fireplace or fireplace, you can choose from our environmentally friendly and economical insert fireplaces. You can choose from electric insert fires or bio ethanol fires.

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